KUKA.Sim Pro

KUKA.Sim Pro is developed for the off-line programming of KUKA Robots. The product allows for cycle time analysis, robot program generation and is connected in real-time to KUKA.OfficeLite, the virtual robot controller of KUKA. KUKA.Sim Pro is the much improved successor of KRSim.

CAD modeling

Use the build-in tools to load CAD data from other systems into KUKA.Sim Pro or build your own models using the CAD tools in the system.


Build grippers and complex kinematics

KUKA.Sim Pro allows to build grippers, welding guns and other kinematical structures


Make use of the electronic Catalogue

Use the components from our exhaustive library included with the KUKA.Sim Pro or download models from the Internet. KUKA is also offering web space for those customers who want to share their models to other customers.

Parametric modeling

Most components from the eCatalogue are parametric in design. Load e.g. a fence and change the height and width to the height and width you require. This parametric approach design avoids CAD remodeling and saves you a lot of time.

Make use of the powerful drag-and-drop and snap functionalities

Drag the components from the eCatalogue to the robot cell and snap the component to the power-snap points of other components.


Check for reach ability

Are all points of your robot path in reach of your selected robot? Use this feature together with the collision detection features to make "good" robot programs and cell lay-outs.


Visualize the robot motions

Build robot motion sequences and make your simulated robot move. Use this feature to show program sequences and conceptual ideas. The cycle times and robot trajectories are not accurate however, for this purpose use the real-time connection with KUKA.OfficeLite.

Collision detection

Use this feature to check your simulations for collisions and near misses.



Simulate grippers and complex kinematics

KUKA.Sim Pro allows to simulate grippers, servo welding guns and other kinematical structures.


Simulate conveyors

Push-pull conveyors and continuous speed conveyors can be simulated in KUKA.Sim Pro.


Cycle time analysis

Write your robot programs directly in KRL on KUKA OfficeLite, the KUKA virtual controller and avoid so the use of postprocessors. In addition, programs made in the field can be loaded one-to-one into KUKA.OfficeLite, so that you can "review" programs made by your robot programmers.

Off-line programming

KUKA.Sim Pro comes with KUKA OfficeLite, the virtual controller of the KUKA KR C controller. This program is one to one unique to the software running on your real robot. The cycle times for the real robot motions are predicted very accurately by this virtual controller.

Share your layouts with your customers using KUKA.Sim Viewer

Once you made your simulations, send them to your customer who can load them into KUKA.Sim Viewer. The files are small in size and compressed. Therefore, they can be sent by E-mail.
The KUKA.Sim Products can be ordered at your local KUKA sales representative. Follow this link ...
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